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The Souls Aloft Blog is an element of tending to that beautiful relationship between Self + Spirit. When I share here, it is about living from my soul, being on a treasured journey with my inner and higher resources AND enjoying the dance,  all through the filter of this glorious – albeit sometimes messy – human experience.   ~ Suzanne

Music as My Medicine

So often when I am navigating difficult emotional, spiritual or physical territory, a song or  a piece of music will greet me on my path to support my process. Sometimes it feels like a supportive friend who holds me while I cry, simply letting me be exactly where I am and accepting that the difficult parts need honoring too. Sometimes the song acts as nudge toward a new perspective: providing an important pivot.

And then sometimes, the song carries an encoded message for my deepest hidden parts that I can not consciously decipher yet it haunts my existence until I let it in to seep through and nourish that which is parched and withering inside. Today that song is BOTH SIDES NOW by the incomparable songwriter, Joni Mitchell from her album CLOUDS. Enjoy!


And be sure to watch for what is wanting to partner with you as you navigate your life experiences, be it a song… a bird… a flower… a billboard… an exchange with a stranger… or a conversation with the sky. Magic and messengers abound!

Feel free to respond to this post through the form below. I enjoy hearing how my posts land for you. And of course, I’d be honored if you choose to inquire about working with me to support your own journey.

Self-Spelunking Led Me To Periscope

My recent video blog post was WAY more impromptu and unplanned than anything I’ve done before and stirred a lot of new exploration for me. I like to think of this as self-spelunking.

a spelunker being a person who explores caves
and caves as a perfect metaphor
for exploring the deep unknown
within ourselves and our lives

Simultaneous to posting that vlog, I noticed a flurry of discussion around periscope (live streaming through twitter) and felt compelled to take a closer look.

I’ve also recently expanded my wellness center (TIME FOR YOU) to now include the Souls Aloft Gathering Space. I know in my bones I am meant to build community and step out more and share about my viewpoint and perspectives and interpretations of life and life experiences.

I went into contemplation and exploration mode around the idea of live streaming. Is this a path I’m drawn toward? Short bursts of sharing to provide value and build my community…. to CONNECT WITH MY PEEPS… to call in those wonderful souls I am meant to serve and inspire?

photo from morguefile

COME TWEET WITH ME (photo from morguefile)

So, I ventured FAR outside my comfort zone and I’ve started to SCOPE (affectionate verb for broadcasting through Periscope TV). My broadcasts are brief and only stay available for replay for a mere 24 hours afterward. I’ve got a few more hours on YESTERDAY’S SCOPE, if you’d like to have peak. For me, the self-spelunk is not always easy or pretty or graceful, but soulful exploration rarely disappoints in the long run.


So a caving I shall go! Hope you are inspired to join me in some way. Please do send me a message below if you’d like my assistance with your own exploration efforts.



What’s Up For Me – Unpolished, Raw + Real

I got a nudge to create a video today and it wouldn’t leave me alone. So, I’m resurrected the What’s Up For Me VLOG series with this recording about my healing arts studio expansion, my thoughts on simple sacred ritual and my complete lack of preparedness to create a video today.


Souls Aloft Podcast: Answering a Call To Service with Robin Carlton

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Whether it’s for a cause, a community or an individual, how do the nudges (or shoves) toward service show up in our lives? How can we find time in the midst of constant and ongoing daily life demands to honor where we are drawn to serve or what we feel pulled to create or build? How do we stay true to our “mission” once we accept and embark on this kind of a journey? These are the questions we held in our discussion.

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Generally Elsewhere

layers + echoes

layers + echoes







Offered With Love,

Souls Aloft Radio: Walking Wellness

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In this episode, Suzanne talks about WALKING A WELLNESS LIFESTYLE with Melanie St. Ours.

Melanie is a clinical herbalist specializing in women’s health and mental health. She lives in Washington D.C. with her parrot, her partner, and her rescued pit bull, but she works with clients from all over the world. You can learn more about her work and find free resources to support your own healing process at her home on the web, psycheandsoma.com, through her weekly Creative Wellness Podcast or on facebook.

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The Lash-Out Liquidator

For anyone who’s been paying attention on social media, I’m sure it’s no surprise to hear that I am enamored with essential oils. My introduction to oils was not recent, however. As a massage therapist, I’ve been working with essential oils personally and professionally for over a decade. What is more recent is the depth of connection and the inclusion of these oils into my daily life.


I am in a social media group where we support one another through the sharing of ideas and anecdotes about our usage of the oils. Just days ago, someone posted the query, “What’s In Your Diffuser Today?” I personally love these posts because I get so many ideas about combining oils that I might not have thought of on my own.

One of the responses was a simple answer of Wild Orange + Cardamom. I hadn’t even opened my new bottle of cardamom, having no former experience with it or knowledge about its properties and qualities. Other folks were chiming in about how much they enjoyed diffusing the combination and declaring its yumminess, so I added it to my diffuser that very morning. It smelled DE-LISH, and more importantly — to me — it felt DIVINE. What does that mean?

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Souls Aloft Radio: On Belonging

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In this episode, Suzanne explores NAVIGATING THE LONGING TO BELONG WITH TOKO-PA TURNER. The questions we held during our discussion:

  • Is it natural to seek to belong? From what does this longing originate?
  • In our heavily populated, digitally connected modern world, why do so many feel lost and adrift and alone?
  • And how can we organize feeling and experiences like exile, rejection and isolation to assist us on a journey to belonging?

And my wonderful guest: sometimes called a midwife of the psyche, Toko-pa has been working with dreams for over 15 years. Greatly influenced by the work of Jung, her own approach to dreamwork is grounded in the mystical tradition of Sufism in which she was raised. In 2001, she founded the Dream School from which hundreds of students have now graduated. Toko-pa has been interviewed by CNN News and BBC Radio and has over 40,000 online followers on her beloved Facebook page ‘Dreamwork with Toko-pa‘. In her private dreamwork practice, she works with healing personal & ancestral trauma, reconciling paradox, and facilitates sacred grief & ritual practice. Toko-pa’s Dreamspeak column has appeared in publications worldwide and she is currently writing her first book titled ‘On Belonging’

Find Toko-pa’s wonderful writings and program offerings on her website: www.toko-pa.com

Souls Aloft Radio: Sacred Stillness as Self-Care

More Lifestyle Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Suzanne Wigginton on BlogTalkRadio

In a culture that encourages and expects BUSY as a constant state of being, many have lost touch with how to STOP and truly rest…. even for a moment. In this episode we explored sacred stillness as a concept and delved into how my guest, Sonja Haller is experimenting with her own practice of sacred stillness in her blog project: 52 SABBATHS. Continue reading

Burned By A Divine Primal Goddess

Burned by a Divine Primal Goddess

Burned by a Divine Primal Goddess

SHE prods, pokes and pushes.
Flailing and screaming, I enter the fire of my fears
stunned, weepy, lashing out.

My process is messy and rage-y
but the primal goddess refuses dormancy
when growth shows up on the menu. Continue reading