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The Souls Aloft Blog is an element of tending to that beautiful relationship between Self + Spirit. When I share here, it is about living from my soul, being on a treasured journey with my inner and higher resources. Enjoying the dance,  all through the filter of this glorious — albeit sometimes messy — human experience.

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Souls Aloft Radio: Walking Wellness

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In this episode, Suzanne talks about WALKING A WELLNESS LIFESTYLE with Melanie St. Ours.

Melanie is a clinical herbalist specializing in women’s health and mental health. She lives in Washington D.C. with her parrot, her partner, and her rescued pit bull, but she works with clients from all over the world. You can learn more about her work and find free resources to support your own healing process at her home on the web, psycheandsoma.com, through her weekly Creative Wellness Podcast or on facebook.

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The Lash-Out Liquidator

For anyone who’s been paying attention on social media, I’m sure it’s no surprise to hear that I am enamored with essential oils. My introduction to oils was not recent, however. As a massage therapist, I’ve been working with essential oils personally and professionally for over a decade. What is more recent is the depth of connection and the inclusion of these oils into my daily life.


Today, I’d love to highlight part of my personal process for you by sharing a recent experience with the oils. I use doTERRA essential oils pretty much exclusively now and am continually inspired by my interactions with this company and their products. In September, they held the annual convention where new products were unveiled. One of the new essential oils is Cardamom.


I am in a social media group where we support one another through the sharing of ideas and anecdotes about our usage of the oils. Just days ago, someone posted the query, “What’s In Your Diffuser Today?” I personally love these posts because I get so many ideas about combining oils that I might not have thought of on my own.

One of the responses was a simple answer of Wild Orange + Cardamom. I hadn’t even opened my new bottle of cardamom, having no former experience with it or knowledge about its properties and qualities. Other folks were chiming in about how much they enjoyed diffusing the combination and declaring its yumminess, so I added it to my diffuser that very morning. It smelled DE-LISH, and more importantly — to me — it felt DIVINE. What does that mean?

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Souls Aloft Radio: On Belonging

Check Out Lifestyle Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Suzanne Wigginton on BlogTalkRadio

In this episode, Suzanne explores NAVIGATING THE LONGING TO BELONG WITH TOKO-PA TURNER. The questions we held during our discussion:

  • Is it natural to seek to belong? From what does this longing originate?
  • In our heavily populated, digitally connected modern world, why do so many feel lost and adrift and alone?
  • And how can we organize feeling and experiences like exile, rejection and isolation to assist us on a journey to belonging?

And my wonderful guest: sometimes called a midwife of the psyche, Toko-pa has been working with dreams for over 15 years. Greatly influenced by the work of Jung, her own approach to dreamwork is grounded in the mystical tradition of Sufism in which she was raised. In 2001, she founded the Dream School from which hundreds of students have now graduated. Toko-pa has been interviewed by CNN News and BBC Radio and has over 40,000 online followers on her beloved Facebook page ‘Dreamwork with Toko-pa‘. In her private dreamwork practice, she works with healing personal & ancestral trauma, reconciling paradox, and facilitates sacred grief & ritual practice. Toko-pa’s Dreamspeak column has appeared in publications worldwide and she is currently writing her first book titled ‘On Belonging’

Find Toko-pa’s wonderful writings and program offerings on her website: www.toko-pa.com

Souls Aloft Radio: Sacred Stillness as Self-Care

More Lifestyle Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Suzanne Wigginton on BlogTalkRadio

In a culture that encourages and expects BUSY as a constant state of being, many have lost touch with how to STOP and truly rest…. even for a moment. In this episode we explored sacred stillness as a concept and delved into how my guest, Sonja Haller is experimenting with her own practice of sacred stillness in her blog project: 52 SABBATHS. Continue reading

Burned By A Divine Primal Goddess

Burned by a Divine Primal Goddess

Burned by a Divine Primal Goddess

SHE prods, pokes and pushes.
Flailing and screaming, I enter the fire of my fears
stunned, weepy, lashing out.

My process is messy and rage-y
but the primal goddess refuses dormancy
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How A Stolen iPhone Experience Surprisingly Revealed An Opportunity To Heal My Inner Child’s Broken Heart

I had somehow procured a pink satin jacket with rainbow cuffs. It was the late 70s, so yes it was as cheesy as it sounds and likely made from the worst materials available. I can’t remember how we acquired said jacket, as we didn’t have much in the way of “stuff”, and I almost never owned anything of the current trends. This satin atrocity was a treasured possession.


I only had it for a brief time because when it got wrinkled, I decided to iron it. With the hiss of hot metal soaking up the plasticized material, my little tween heart broke. I can remember the insult being exacerbated by my Mom’s anger over the now “mucked up” iron.  My inquiry about replacing the jacket was met with (understandable) frustration and some form of shaming about our money situation and my foolishness.

The pink satin jacket was the only “cool” thing I owned. I loved it. I was devastated.

I had a lot of real-life ugly crazy shit to deal with as kid, so looking back, it’s sometimes easy to forget I was just a little girl, with little girl concerns. In fact, I had completely forgotten about the jacket until two days ago when I made another big mistake with a prized possession.

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Souls Aloft Radio: Wisdom Keepers, Crones & Eldership

Souls Aloft Radio is a radio show I host, not because I have the answers, but because I value deep conversation around the questions. We have a topic and some direction to go with it, but that direction will be held loosely to allow for the insights and inspiration that result from the magic of great conversation. As a listener, you can tune in and claim a little of that magic as your own, or at the very least be engaged with your own ideas, thoughts and feelings on our topics.

Out topic for this episode is: WISDOM KEEPERS: EXPLORING THE UNTAPPED ASSET OF OUR ELDERS. We’re talking about aging, eldership + claiming the magic of the crone years. It’s a 30 minute episode (see the player below to listen right here).


  • Why the cultural divergence from the former reverence of our community elders, to a place of near panic about aging?
  • What resources and assets does eldership hold for our families, our culture and society as a whole?
  • How can we reawaken the Joys of Eldership and re-elevate our aging population to a state of reverence, empowerment and respect?

My guest for this episode is Teri Connolly, a beautifully seasoned wisdom keeper herself. Teri has been a soul care practitioner for over 20 years, embracing and embodying ancient wisdom from her ancestors and teachers both earthbound and from the stars. She’s about to launch her own program, an internet based show called Fireside Chat with Crones: conversations focused on drawing the wisdom of crones & elders back into our daily lives.

Learn more about Teri at www.TeriConnolly.com. Be sure to sign up for her mailing list to stay apprised on the launching of her wonderful new video series.

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What’s Up For Me – Week 8 – Closure & Gratitude

I’m wrapping up the 8-week series of the What’s Up For Me video blog experiment. This week’s scheduled vlog post fell just as I set off for soulful travels to California, so the publishing was a bit delayed by my travels and video editing, but better late than never :)

Thanks to everyone who has provided positive feedback along the way.

And for anyone new stumbling upon this series… ENJOY! And feel free to let me know how it lands for you.

What’s Up For Me Week 7 – Refinement

This week I’m outside in the cabana (post-Haboob) enjoying the cooler Arizona temperatures in the wake of a terrible dust storm and sharing about refinement and the possibility of unconsciously impeding my own personal growth progress.