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Welcome! Thanks for taking some time with me today.

The Souls Aloft Blog is an element of tending to that beautiful relationship between Self + Spirit. When I share here, it is about living from my soul, being on a treasured journey with my inner and higher resources. Enjoying the dance,  all through the filter of this glorious — albeit sometimes messy — human experience.

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What’s Up For Me – Week 8 – Closure & Gratitude

I’m wrapping up the 8-week series of the What’s Up For Me video blog experiment. This week’s scheduled vlog post fell just as I set off for soulful travels to California, so the publishing was a bit delayed by my travels and video editing, but better late than never :)

Thanks to everyone who has provided positive feedback along the way.

And for anyone new stumbling upon this series… ENJOY! And feel free to let me know how it lands for you.

Souls Aloft Radio: Following Passions, Finding Purpose

Listen in here to the archived broadcast of this month’s Souls Aloft Radio episode, where I spoke with Joan Treppa, a Minnesota based citizen advocate for the wrongfully convicted. She shares the origination of her own personal advocacy passions, and we discuss the real world aspects of following passions to find purpose.


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What’s Up For Me – Week 5 – Connection

This week, in my 8-week video blog series, what’s up for me is stillness that comes from connection, managing resources through transitions and getting messy (aka making mud pies). Does all of that come together in a cohesive way? You be the judge.

What’s Up For Me – Week 3 (June 2014)

My latest vlog in the “What’s Up For Me” series. This week, what’s up for me is endings and gratitude. This video includes a special tribute to a very special teacher. Thank you, Robin Rice!

You can learn more about Robin at http://www.bewhoyouare.com

You Never Know When or How You’ll Be Called to Serve

I fell in love with a baby bird.

We found a nestling inca dove in a six foot pygmy palm tree in our backyard. Sadly, he shared his small space with an undeveloped sibling already gone from this world.

I dutifully and carefully removed the deceased hatchling from the tiny nest and laid it to rest. Then, despite research indicating all would be fine, I waited nervously for the parents to return. I fretted over my intervention and began to question whether letting my big heart and good intentions guide me had been the absolutely wrong thing to do. After an agonizing wait, the parents arrived, back on the scene. And all was well.

I spent the next week in the throes of new love, adoring every wiggle and wobble, as each provided new angles of cuteness to delight in, photograph and share. I bounded out of bed each morning to check on my little friend, who I named Meep.

I talked to Meep. I sang to Meep. I photographed Meep. I researched Meep’s Inca Dove-ness. I checked in on Meep at first light, right before bed and at many points in between.

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Servant or Slave

I woke the other day with this phrase on my mind (SERVANT OR SLAVE) and instantly had a question. No it wasn’t… “why this thought and where did it come from?”… as I stopped needing to know the answer to those kinds of questions awhile ago. My question was: “hmmmm… servant/slave are these the same thing”? 

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